Cell Phone Plan Discounts for Health Care Professionals

A list of cell phone plan discounts for nurses and other frontline workers. We found that Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Visible Wireless all offer discounts on wireless plans.

Hoka Discounts: How Health Care Workers Can Save

Are you a medical professional eyeing Hoka shoes? Discover three insider tips to leverage health care worker discounts, making it easier than ever to buy Hokas without straining your wallet.

Backpack Discounts for Frontline Workers

Discover the best backpack deals for healthcare workers this back-to-school season. Exclusive discounts from top brands like Dagne Dover, Jansport, and Nike.

Interview with Shelley Murphy-Coit, MSN, RN, CNL

A conversation with Shelley Murphy-Coit. Learn about how an actor decided to leave the stage and enter nursing.

Twanda Toliver-Gainer, RN, MSN

An interview with Twanda Toliver-Gainer. Learn about her experience as a navy nurse and how she seeks to help the next generation of nurses.

Roy Thompson, PhD(c), MSN, BSN, CCN, RN

A conversation with Roy Thompson, a nursing PhD candidate at Duke University School of Nursing.

Patricia Gonce Morton, PhD, RN, ACNP-BC, FAAN

An interview with Patricia Morton. Learn about her experience leading top nursing schools. In our conversation, she discusses finding a mentor, writing for journals and the future of nursing.

Paige Stanfield, RN

A conversation with Paige Stanfield, RN. Find out how one nurse overacame a midlife crisis to become a nurse in her 40s.

Katie Parris, DNP, RN, CNE

Career advice from the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Pre-Licensure Education at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB)

Amy Wuthrich, BSN

A conversation with Amy Wuthrich, BSN. A day in the life of a nurse.

How to Use Health Care Discounts to Combat Inflation

How health care workers can use their medical professional discounts to save money on inflation-affected items.

The Pros And Cons Of Becoming A Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)

The pros and cons of becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). We asked CRNAs for their advice and opinions.

Comparing Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants: Training, Roles, and Outlook

Dive into a detailed comparison between Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistants (PA), exploring their education, job duties, and career outlook to inform your career choice in healthcare.

18 Hospital Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Not all health care jobs require a degree. Surgical technologists, LPNs and LVNs, home health aides, and dental assistants are all health care jobs that don't require college.

Nurses, Here's How to Quit Your Job

When a nurse is unsatisfied with their job, they often find themselves wondering how to quit. This guide will help nurses think through their decision and choose the best course of action.

High-Paying Travel Nurse Jobs Round Up | HealthJob

Earn Up to $9,486 Per Week. We only list jobs paying $6,000+ per week from top companies. 10 High-Paying Travel Nurse Jobs. ICU, Med Surg, Long-Term Care And More.

31 Discounts and Deals for Doctors

Are you a doctor? Here's a list of of 30+ discounts offered by companies such as Adidas, Costco and Nike.

10 Hotel Discounts for Nurses (And Other Health Care Workers)

A list of hotel and accommodation discounts and deals for nurses and other health care workers. Save on your next travel assignment or vacation.

Travel Nurse Voices: Stacie Tunison, RN

Stacie Tunison, RN speaks with HealthJob about working as a travel nurse during the COVID-19 pandemic. She talks about how the pandemic has changed nursing and how crisis pay has changed her life.

Everything You Need to Know About Travel Nursing During the Pandemic

Thinking about travel nursing during the pandemic? We asked four experienced nurses for advice. Find out if travel nursing is right for you. And if it is, how to find the best assignments.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas and Deals for Health Care Workers

Find the perfect gift for your Valentine. Show your appreciation by getting your significant other flowers or jewelry. Use your health care worker discount with top brands such as Nike YETI.

Are You Experiencing Nurse Burnout? 6 Non-Clinical Nursing Careers To Consider

A guide to nursing options away from the beside. From becoming a nurse executive to pursuing a career as a forensic nurse examiner, learn how to make career change.

Best Scrubs for Men and Women on Amazon According to Excited Amazon Reviewers

The best scrubs for men and women. We scoured Amazon reviews to find the best scrub tops and bottoms as rated by hyperenthusiastic health care professionals.

Is a Telehealth Director Job the Right Fit for You?

Telehealth directors or telehealth coordinators help hospitals and health care facilities manage their telehealth programs. They ensure that staff are following regulations and best practices.

Popular 2020 Deals That Are Still Available

A list of healthcare worker deals released in 2020 that are still available in 2021. From Lululemon to Bose, companies across the United States started offering deals in response to the pandemic.

12 Beauty and Cosmetics Deals Nurses (And Other Health Care Workers)

A list of beauty and cosmetic deals for healthcare workers

6 Expiring Healthcare Worker Deals

5 deals for medical professionals that will expire soon.

20 Sports and Outdoors Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Want to save on sports andoutdoor gear? Nurses, doctors and other healthcare worker discounts discounts from brands such as Helly Hansen, Backcountry and more.

10 Gifts for Nurses, Doctors and Other Health Care Workers (With Discount Codes)

10 great gift ideas for nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers. Find the perfect gift for the medical professionals in your life.

Nurse Salaries in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore nurse salary trends for 2024 including RNs, NPs, LPNs, and CRNAs. Understand factors influencing pay across different states with our in-depth analysis.

Deals for Your Workout And Recovery

Deals on exercise equipment, clothing and supplements for healthcare workers

2022 Health Care Worker Deals for Parents

A list of baby discounts for nurses, doctors and other healthcare worker. From nursing bras to baby monitors, find out how you can save.

Camping and Outdoors Discounts for Nurses (And Other Health Care Workers)

Nurses and other health care workers are eligible for discounts from, Moosejaw, Larq and more.

Ren Capucao, PhD Student, University of Virginia

A conversation with Ren Capucao—a nurse historian explores the relationship between humanities and the bedside.

8 Companies Offering Really Good Discounts to Healthcare Workers

To thank healthcare workers, some companies are offering discounts of 50% or more.

Furniture Discounts for Nurses (2022)

Furniture discounts for nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals to spruce up their homes. From mattresses to appliances, find a deal to improve your living situation.

17 Shoe Discounts for Healthcare Workers

Shoe discounts for nurses, first responders and other medical professionals. Save on brands such as Nike, Asics, Adidas and Under Armour.

How to Make the Most Money as a Travel Nurse

To earn the most money as travel nurse compensation packages, you can calculate the hourly rate you earn from stipends and reimbursements in addition to your gross pay.

8 Sites for Travel Nurse Housing (2022)

Choosing a travel nurse assignment entails a multitude of considerations such as location, facility, specialty, which agency to work for as well as the length and details of the contract.

3 Lessons Doctors Can Learn From Nurses

An ER doctor details the lessons he's learned from nurses. Find out how nurses and doctors can improve their working relationship.

What’s the Difference Between an LPN and RN?

Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Registered Nurses (RN) are both nurses, but their education and scope of practice are different.

5 Deals to Help Healthcare Workers Avoid Burnout

A list of deals and freebies for healthcare workers to avoid PTSD and battle stress and anxiety.

Nurse Week 2023: The Best Deals, Discounts and Freebies

A running list of National Nurses Appreciation Week 2023 deals, freebies and discounts.

What is Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens, Latin for “to hold a place,” essentially means that the physician is fulfilling a temporary role generally for a few weeks to 6 months.

6 Keys to a Perfect Nursing Resume

A guide to writing the perfect nursing resume. Learn what recruiters, hiring managers and applicant tracking systems look for in a resume.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing?

Evaluate the pros and cons of travel nursing. From comparing pay and other compensation to comparing other perks, such as meeting new friends, this article has it all.