July 19, 2023

17 Shoe Discounts for Healthcare Workers

With COVID-19, many companies have introduced or increased discounts for healthcare workers

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In the demanding and relentless world of health care, where nurses and doctors tirelessly dedicate themselves to the well-being of others, the importance of comfortable and supportive footwear cannot be overstated. Long shifts, constant movement, and being on their feet for hours on end can take a toll on the health and well-being of these dedicated professionals. That's why finding the right pair of shoes is crucial to ensure optimal comfort and alleviate the strain on their feet and joints.

Recognizing the unique needs of healthcare workers, shoe manufacturers have stepped up to provide a wide range of options designed specifically for nurses and doctors. From sneakers engineered for long-lasting support to orthopedic shoes for healthcare workers meticulously crafted for enhanced stability, the market offers many choices tailored to healthcare professionals' demanding requirements.

To make the search for the perfect pair easier, we've compiled a comprehensive list of 24 shoe discounts exclusively available for healthcare workers. Whether you're a nurse or a doctor, this article will guide you through some of the best footwear options, helping you prioritize comfort and functionality without compromising on style.

Athletic Shoes

Looking for athletic shoes for medical professionals? Dive in!


Medical professionals and first responders from various fields, including doctors, nurses, technicians, medical researchers, EMTs, firefighters, and law enforcement personnel, can benefit from the shoe discount. Nike offers great sneakers for nurses and doctors.

Photo by Grailify on Unsplash

The deal: 10% discount for first responders and medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and EMTs.


With a reputation for quality and comfort, Asics has become a trusted choice among athletes and fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Doctors, nurses and first responders can receive a discount on their orders from

The deal: Offers medical professionals and first responders 50% off full-priced items


Registered nurses, first responders (active or retired), and medical workers can pick up Adidas shoes at a 30% discount. First responders can also enjoy this deal.

The deal: Provides a 30% online discount for nurses, first responders and medical workers 

Athletic Propulsion Labs

APL first burst onto the sneaker scene by offering shoes that increased your vertical leap. Their shoes are great if you're on your feet all day.

The deal: Offers a 30% discount for healthcare workers

No Bull

No Bull is popular with CrossFit enthusiasts, so if you know someone whose favorite word is "AMRAP," you might want to check out No Bull's healthcare worker discount.

The deal: Provides a 20% off discount for nurses, medical professionals, first responders and hospital employees


Whether it's running, soccer, basketball, or casual wear, Puma combines style and functionality to deliver comfortable and high-quality shoes. With collaborations with renowned athletes and celebrities, Puma continues to push boundaries in design and technology, making it a popular choice among athletes and fashion enthusiasts.

Photo by The DK Photography on Unsplash

If you love Puma, then the current 20% discount for nurses, doctors, and first responders should excite you.

The deal: Nurses and first responders get 20% off orders from Puma


Sperry is a renowned shoe brand recognized for its iconic boat shoes. With a rich history dating back to 1935, Sperry has become synonymous with nautical-inspired footwear. 

The deal: Offers a 15% discount for nurses, doctors and first responders

Under Armour

Under Armour is a well-known shoe brand that specializes in athletic footwear and performance apparel. With a focus on innovation and technology, Under Armour designs shoes that provide comfort, support, and durability for athletes across various sports. Their shoes feature features such as breathable materials, cushioning systems, and lightweight construction to enhance performance and minimize fatigue. 

Under Armor has you covered if you need performance gear for the gym or the hospital.

The deal: 20% off for nurses, doctors and first responders


Reebok is showing its appreciation for healthcare workers by offering a special discount on their products. Healthcare professionals can take advantage of this discount to access Reebok's renowned athletic footwear and apparel at a reduced price. 

This gesture acknowledges healthcare workers' hard work and dedication while supporting their active and comfortable lifestyle.

The deal: 50% discount off orders for nurses, medical workers, hospital workers and first responders


Fjolk is a popular shoe brand known for its minimalist and sustainable designs. With a focus on craftsmanship and quality, Fjolk offers a range of footwear options that blend comfort and style.

Their shoes use eco-friendly materials and sustainable production practices, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers. Fjolk's commitment to creating durable and timeless shoes has garnered a loyal following, making it a go-to brand for those seeking footwear that combines fashion and sustainability.

The deal: Fjolk is providing shoe donations in order to show their support for healthcare professionals. To join their list, simply send an email to

New Balance

New Balance is a renowned shoe brand that has gained recognition for its commitment to comfort, performance, and quality. Known for their iconic "N" logo, New Balance offers a diverse range of footwear options for athletes and casual wearers alike. 

Photo by @felipepelaquim on Unsplash

Their shoes are crafted with precision, using innovative technologies to provide exceptional support, cushioning, and stability. With a focus on fit and biomechanics, New Balance designs shoes that cater to various foot shapes and needs. 

Whether it's running, walking, or cross-training, New Balance continues to deliver reliable and stylish footwear options that have earned them a loyal following worldwide.

The deal: If you are a nurse, first responder, or hospital employee, you can avail a single-use 25% discount when shopping online. This discount applies only to full-priced items, and customers are limited to using one code per customer within thirty days.

Outdoor Footwear


Chacos is a popular shoe brand known for its outdoor footwear, particularly its durable and comfortable sandals.

With a focus on adventure and exploration, Chacos designs shoes that are suitable for various outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and water sports. Their sandals feature adjustable straps, supportive footbeds, and grippy outsoles, making them ideal for navigating rugged terrains.  

With a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts, Chacos has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the realm of outdoor footwear. 

Chacos are the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast (that may be you).

The deal: 20% off for nurses and first responders


Medical professionals and healthcare providers have the opportunity to enjoy savings on footwear when shopping at KEEN Footwear. 

KEEN is a brand rooted in strong values, independently owned, and based in Portland, Oregon. With a dedicated mission to produce innovative and adaptable products, KEEN aims to enhance lives and ignite a sense of adventure in the great outdoors.

The deal: Offers nurses and first responders 20% off orders

L.L. Bean

LL Bean is a well-established and trusted brand known for its durable and high-quality outdoor products. 

With a wide range of offerings including clothing, footwear, and outdoor gear, LL Bean caters to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in their lifetime guarantee, ensuring that customers are always satisfied with their LL Bean purchases.

The deal: Offers medical professionals a 15% promo code

Casual Shoes


OOFOS shoes are made with foam materials that reduce the stress on your feet and joints—a must for medical workers.

Nurses can now take advantage of a fantastic offer from OOFOS, receiving a generous discount of 20% off their purchases. This exclusive discount serves as a gesture of gratitude for the hard work and compassion demonstrated by nurses every day. With this discount, nurses can treat themselves to the renowned comfort and support of OOFOS footwear while enjoying significant savings.

The deal: 20% off for nurses.

Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots is presently providing an exclusive discount of 20% off for first responders. To avail the Hunter Boots First Responder Discount, simply verify your status as a first responder through SheerID. Once your verification is confirmed, you will receive a special coupon code that can be applied during the checkout process. This allows you to enjoy an exclusive discount on your purchase.

The deal: Gives medical professionals and first responders a 20% discount


Crocs understands the importance of comfortable footwear for healthcare professionals, which is why they have become a go-to brand in the industry. 

Crocs is extending a generous offer to healthcare workers by providing a discount of 15% off on all full-priced styles. This exclusive discount is a token of appreciation for healthcare professionals' dedication and tireless efforts. By availing this discount, healthcare workers can enjoy savings while obtaining the comfortable and reliable footwear that Crocs is renowned for.

The deal: Offers 15% off all full-priced styles to healthcare workers (exclusions apply).

Buying Guide For Best Shoes For Nurses and Doctors


Shoes should be comfortable to wear for long hours of standing and walking. Nurses and doctors spend long hours on their feet, so choosing shoes that provide ample cushioning and support is important.


Shoes should provide adequate support to prevent foot, ankle, and back pain.

Slip-resistant soles

Hospital floors can be slippery, especially when wet. Shoes with slip-resistant soles help prevent falls and injuries.

Consider the weight of the shoe

Heavy shoes can add unnecessary strain to your legs and feet. Opt for lightweight options that won't weigh you down.

Choose breathable materials

Hospitals can get hot and stuffy, so look for shoes made from breathable materials like mesh or leather to keep your feet cool and dry.


The shoes should be durable enough to withstand the demands of a healthcare environment.

Easy to clean 

Healthcare workers need shoes that are easy to clean due to exposure to bodily fluids or other contaminants.

Style options

While function is key, style options are also important as nurses and doctors want their footwear choices to reflect their personal style. 

Invest in quality shoes: While it may be tempting to go for cheaper options, investing in high-quality shoes will pay off in the long run by providing better support, durability, and overall foot health.

Try them on before buying

Everyone's feet are different, so what works well for one person may not work as well for another. It's important to try on several pairs of shoes before making a purchase to ensure a proper fit.

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