31 Discounts and Deals for Doctors

Published on
August 25, 2021
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Society assumes that all doctors are wealthy, but in reality many doctors—especially if they’re young—are stretched financially. The average resident earns $63,400 each year, which is more than the typical American. However, the picture is less rosy once you factor in student debt. On average, medical students leave school with $200,000 in debt. And while most companies offer discounts for nurses to appreciate them, doctors are sometimes forgotten. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite discounts for doctors. For a complete list of deals for doctors, visit our deals database.

Shoes and Apparel


The deal: 20% off for medical providers, including doctors.

Under Armour

The deal: Doctors get an extra 20% off their order from Under Armour.


The deal: Need new Ultraboosts? Doctors and other medical providers get 30% off their orders.


The deal: If you need outdoor gear or you just want to look outdoors-y, doctors get 20% off.


The deal: 20% off shoes for doctors—perfect for long shifts.


The deal: Look stylish while you work out and order clothes from Rhone. Doctors get 10% off.

Calvin Klein

The deal: Iconic underwear and other apparel at a discount. As a doctor, you can save 20% off your orders.

Outdoor Research

The deal: Prepare yourself for the elements. Doctors save big, 50% orders.


The deal: Save 30% off comfy, durable socks.

Hunter Boots

The deal: Get 20% off Hunter's iconic rain boots if you're a doctor.

L.L. Bean

The deal: Save on L.L. Bean's iconic style, doctors get 15% off.



The deal: Save on headphones or a your next pair of headphones or your sound system. Doctors get a special discount on orders of $199+.


The deal: Take care of your aching muscles and your wallet with 20% off Regularly-Priced Theragun or TheraOne CBD.


The deal: Both U.S. and Canadian doctors can earn 15% off their orders.


Dagne Dover

The deal: If you're in the market for a new handbag, doctors and other medical providers get 20% off their orders.

Pit Viper

The deal: Want 90s-style sunglasses? Doctors and other medical provides get 15% off orders from Pit Viper.

Zenni Optical

The deal: Zenni's glasses are known for being stylish and affordable—doctors can save even more (10%) off their orders.


The deal: Leatherman makes long-lasting multi-tools. Lucky for you, doctors and other medical professionals get a whopping 40% Off.



The deal: 20% off for doctors and other medical providers.


The deal: Doctors get a $20 Costco Shop Card after signing up for a membership.

Home and Beauty

Brooklyn Bedding

The deal: Comfortable sheets can help you rest. Doctors get 25% off orders and free shipping.


The deal: Doctors get 15% off Hairstory products.


The deal: Need a new mattress? Doctors get 15% off.

Abt Electronics

The deal: Doctors get $50 off $500 and free shipping. A nice discount if you're looking for new appliances.


The deal: Doctors $225 off purchases of more than $1,000 at Saatva.

Appliances Connection

The deal: $50 off for doctors and other medical providers.


The deal: 20% off Casper's sleep products for doctors.


The deal: Doctors can save $375 off mattresses.

Travel and Food

bp & Amoco

The deal:  Doctors can save up to $0.15 per gallon for 60 days when you sin up with bp & Amoco.


The deal: When you're busy, cooking can feel like a chore. Luckily, doctors get 10% off their orders.

RNs: Earn up to $5,347/wk

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