Deals for Your Workout And Recovery

Published on
October 22, 2020
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Whether you have a home gym or you view your job as your workout, exercise equipment is important for healthcare workers. Proper footwear can prevent injury and improve your performance. Recovery equipment such as foam rollers or massage guns can relieve stress.

We've put together a list of some of the best exercise and recovery deals for healthcare workers.

For a complete list of deals, check out our healthcare worker deals database.

Clothing and Equipment


The deal: Tonal is an at-home strength training machine. For nurses, doctors and first responders, they are offering a "$200 discount on Tonal with Smart Accessories."


The deal: Nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers get 20% off most items on

Under Armour

The deal: Healthcare workers get 20% off their orders online.


The deal: Medical professionals receive 40% off their orders on full-priced items.


The deal: Nurses and first responders get 20% off their orders for Saucony shoes and other items.


The deal: Medical professionals and first responders get "50% off heroes discount."

Hola Bird

The deal: Hola Bird specializes in racquet sports. Medical professionals get 10% off their order.


The deal: 40% off orders for verified medical professionals, first responders, nurses and military members.



The deal: Theragun makes a massage gun—or what they call a "percussive device." Healthcare workers get 20% off their orders.


The deal: Tawa sells massage guns and other rehab products. Use the discount HEROTW15 to get 15% off your order.


Blender Bottle

The deal: 25% off your order for medical professionals.

The deal: 10% off your order for medical professionals.


The deal: 15% off your CBD order witht he code HEALTHJOB.


The deal: Huel markets itself as a nutritionally complete food. It's greatfor people on the go. Medical workers get 10% off their orders.

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