8 Companies Offering Really Good Discounts to Healthcare Workers

Published on
May 10, 2022
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During the pandemic, many companies have started offering discounts to healthcare workers. Some deals, however, are exceptionally good deals. We've compiled a list of companies that are offering discounts of 50% or more to nurses, doctors and other medical professionals.

Clothing and Accessories 


The deal: Reebok is offering a 50% "heroes" discount to first responders, medical and hospital workers.

Helly Hansen

The deal: Healthcare workers are eligible for a 50% discount at either Helly Hansen or Helly Hansen Workwear.

North Face

The deal: Healthcare workers in the United States  receive a 50% off discount until December 31, 2020.


Home Chef

The deal: Doctors, nurses, hospital employees, and first responders get 50% off their first order (up to $60) & 10% off following orders.


The deal: Blanquil, maker of weighted blankets, is offering 50% off to first responders and medical professionals.



The deal: Through Deezer's Music Streaming for Doctors and Nurses program, doctors and nurses get 50% off a monthly subscription for 12 months.


The deal: Healthcare workers get 50% off Talkspace's Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plan.


The deal: 50% off for nurses and first responders.

The deals listed in this article are current as of July 23, 2020. For an updated list of deals, check out our healthcare worker discount database.

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