Furniture Discounts for Nurses (2022)

Published on
August 31, 2022
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After spending hours under a hospital’s fluorescent lights, home should be a place for you to relax. A comfortable couch. A pleasing lamp. A rug that you can be proud of. For health care workers, this shouldn’t be too much to ask for, and it definitely shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. That’s why we’ve put together a list of furniture discounts for nurses, doctors and other health care workers. 

Furniture Discounts


The deal: Lovesac provider a 5% discount for health care workers and first responders.


The deal: Floyd, maker of modular furniture, offers 20% off for nurses and medical staff. 


The deal: Overstock offers first responders, nurses and medical professionals free Club O memberships (Free returns, Rewards)

Benchmade Modern

The deal: Benchmade Modern, which makes luxury sectionals and sofas offers 20% off. 

Interior Define

The deal: Custom furniture maker, Interior Define, offers 20% off discounts for health care workers. 

Bassett Furniture

The deal: Bassett Furniture offers 30% off one item of furniture and 10% off accessories for medical workers. 

Bernie & Phyl’s Furniture

The deal: Bernie and Phyl’s provides a 10% discount for medical workers, such as nurses, doctors and EMTs. 

World Market

The deal: 15% off online orders for medical professionals


The deal: Health care workers can get a 15% discount at Ruggable when they contact customer service.

Mattress Discounts

Many mattress manufacturers offer discounts for health care workers. You can find our entire list of mattress discounts here, but are two of the most popular.


The deal: Saatva offers nurses and first responders a $225 off an order of $1,000 or more.


The deal: Avocado Mattress offers nurses, doctors and EMTs 5% off all products.

Appliances and Accessories 

Appliances and decor that you love can make you feel truly at home. Whether your space needs candles or if you’d like a new washing machine, you can find a discount as a medical professional. 

Coral and Tusk

The deal: Coral and Tusk offers medical professionals a 20% discount.


The deal: Maytag offers 10% off select appliances after signing up + 5% off after submitting ID.


The deal: Whirlpool offers medical professionals 25% off most products.

Brooklyn Candle

The deal: Brooklyn Candle offers 10% off for nurses and medical professionals


The deal: Spoonflower offers 20% off for nurses and first responders.

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