February 4, 2021

Best Scrubs for Men and Women on Amazon According to Excited Amazon Reviewers

The Best Scrubs as Determined by Amazon Reviewers

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Many health care workers spend the majority of their waking hour wearing scrubs. Up until a few years ago, scrub fashion was an afterthought—no one cared about their fit and feel. After all, scrubs are meant to be cheap, functional and disposable. When you're working nights, the last thing you should care about is spilling something on your pants. In recent years, FIGs and other new scrub makers have pushed the design and comfort of scrubs. We’ve scoured thousands of Amazon reviews to find the best scrubs for men and women.

Best Scrub Top for Women

CHEROKEE Workwear Revolution Mock Wrap Scrub Top

Reviewers of this Cherokee scrub top—there were more than 22,000 of them—loved the top's comfort and its fit. One reviewer wrote “It is slightly snug in the bust and leaves a little room over my waist, hips and stomach. The bust snugness is not uncomfortable, but it is noticeable given how the rest of the shirt skims over my body. I could wear a thin undershirt and it would still be comfortable. If I lift my arms, the shirt rides up (but does not expose my stomach) such that I need to tug it back down a little to be back in place after I lower my arms.” Some reviewers warned that you should size down with these scrub tops, “If you’ve ever worn Cherokee scrubs you probably know their sizes run a little big.” Overall, 76% of raters gave this top five out of five stars. $18.98 at publishing.

Best Scrub Pant for Women

BARCO ONE 3-Pocket Boost Jogger Pant for Women– 4-Way Stretch Medical Scrub Pant

If you're looking for a fitted look at a reasonable price, check out these Barco scrub pants. Of the X ratings, Y rated the Barco Jogger Pants five out of five stars. One reviewer remarked on the scrubs' ability to dry quickly, saying "I love these joggers they are light weight and breathable. I accidentally spilled water on my pants and they dried very fast!" Another tested multiple scrubs before settling on Barco's: "Lots of my coworkers liked FIGS but I couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on scrubs. I tried out Cherokee Infinity, HeartSoul and Barco ONE. Out of the three these are definitely my favorite. They seem more sturdier than HeartSoul and fit better than Cherokee. I would highly recommend these to nurses who want an affordable alternative to FIGS. $36.95 at publishing.

Best Scrub Top for Men

CHEROKEE Workwear WW Professionals Mens Men's V-Neck Top WW675

Of more than 3,000 ratings, 74% gave this Cherokee top five out of five stars. Many reviewers praised the top's comfort and durability. According to one reviewer, "These aren’t like the scrubs from residency. I started wearing scrubs for hospital and nursing home rounds during the Covid 19 quarantine. These scrubs have held up to daily washing in hot water with Lysol with very little shrinkage. They are also much thicker and warmer than the scrubs of my youth." The scrub's fit is an improvement on older designs, according to one reviewer: "These newer Cherokees are true to size, much higher quality, and more comfortable than Cherokee scrubs I ordered a few years ago. They look nicer as well. I was very impressed, so much so that I ordered 3 more pairs since I am now in scrubs 5 days a week since the pandemic hit vs only a couple of days a week previously." $16.88 - $22.05 at publishing.

Best Scrub Pant for Men

CHEROKEE WW Professionals Men's Tapered Leg Drawstring Cargo Scrub Pant

Finding scrub pants that are both well-fitting and durable scrubs can be difficult. Somehow, Cherokee achieves both fit and style with their Tapered Leg Drawstring Cargo Scrub Pant. In addition to being durable, they also dry very quickly. One reviewer remarked that " [s]crubs like these can be removed as soon as I get home and washed and be ready for the next day." And if you're tall, these scrubs fit especially well. Another reviewer noted that "[t]he length is perfect for me. I am 6’4” tall and when I sit the legs don’t ride up at all. The material is also very soft." $21.80 at publishing

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