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May 21, 2021

5 Deals to Help Healthcare Workers Avoid Burnout

Fight stress and anxiety with these freebies and offers

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Even before COVID-19, healthcare workers reported high rates of stress and anxiety. Nearly half doctors and a third of nurses experience burnout symptoms.  Many attribute increasing burnout numbers to how the U.S. healthcare system is structured—it demands more from healthcare workers without increased compensation or adequate time off.

The pandemic hasn't helped. Frontline healthcare workers are dealing with PTSD. And millions of healthcare workers who have been furloughed or laid off are dealing with the uncertainty of unemployment.

Ordinarily, you’d could take a vacation, grab a drink or exercise to combat burnout. But with the current crisis, those things aren’t possible. We’ve combed through our deals database to find offers and freebies that can help offer relief and combat burnout.

1. Headspace

Meditation can help relieve anxiety pain and depression. Finding time to meditate consistent, however, is difficult. That’s where Headspace comes in. It’s an app that offers guided meditation and seeks to be the “gym membership for the mind."

Deal: Normally $12.99 a month, Headspace is free for US and UK healthcare workers through 2020.

2. Down Dog

Yoga helps fight stress and increase fitness. Unfortunately, you can’t drop by your local yoga studio right now. And if you’ve never tried yoga before,  yoga can be intimidating. Down Dog is an award wining app [award]. It offers straightforward and easy-to-follow videos. You can also adjust the time and movements to fit your preferences and schedule.

Deal: For healthcare workers, Downdog is free through July 1, 2020.

3. ProTeeth night guard

Increased stress can also lead to grinding your teeth at night (nocturnal bruxism). Nocturnal bruxism can lead increased headaches and damage your teeth. Many dentists recommend night guards to help combat teeth grinding, but they’re often expensive—they typically cost around $500. Proteeth's makes its night guards in the same factories that dentists uses,. But because they sell theirnight guards online instead of a dentist office, they're able to sell them for far less—typically $150 to $200.

Deal: $100 in store credit for healthcare workers

4. Blanquil

Weighted blankets are often used by occupational therapists to treat children with autism. Adults too, however, can benefit from using weighted blankets. They can help relieve stress and help with insomnia by providing a cocoon-like feeling.

Deal: 50% off weighted blankets for healthcare workers until December 31, 2020

5. Talkspace

Therapy can help with burnout and depression. It is, however, expensive. And with social distancing rules, it's seeing a therapist in person can be risky. Talkspace is a service that connects you with licensed therapists online and through their app. Compared to in-person therapy, Talkspace is also cheaper—typically 80% less.

Deal: 50% off first month for first responders and healthcare workers