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Certificate in Medical Assistant

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Updated May 13, 2024

The Certificate in Medical Assistant Program focuses on equipping students with essential clinical, administrative, and professional skills required in health care settings.

Skills Taught:

  • Clinical Skills: Diagnostic procedures and operational functions
  • Professionalism: Professional behavior and communication
  • Legal and Ethical Standards: Adherence to guidelines
  • Administrative Tasks: Effective administrative duties
  • Health Records Management: Functions related to managing health records
  • Medical Terminology: Fundamental medical terminology concepts
  • Billing and Coding: Medical insurance billing and coding processes

Program Features:

  • Externship Requirement: 180-hour externship at a healthcare facility
  • Preparation for Certification Exam: Readiness for National Certification Exam
  • Career Opportunities: Entry-level Medical Assistant roles
  • Flexibility: Blended learning format with classroom and online sessions

Tuition: How Much Does Charter College's Medical Assisting Program Cost?

From Charter College's website

The Medical Assistant Certificate Program at Charter College-Washington comes with a tuition cost of $21,120. This cost is exclusive of any additional fees or expenses that may be incurred during the course of the program. It's important to note that this is the in-state tuition cost, and out-of-state tuition costs may vary. The cost has been calculated based on the total program credits and the cost per credit.

Program Length: How Long Is Charter College's Medical Assisting Certificate Program?

The program length for the Certificate in Medical Assistant program is 10 months.

From Charter College's website

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About Charter College

Charter College is an independent institution of higher education that focuses on career training programs in areas such as health care, information technology, business, veterinary care, and the trades. 

Founded in 1985, the college has been delivering relevant career training for over 35 years, helping students transition into professional roles. Charter College is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES).

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