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Medical Assistant Diploma

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Updated May 13, 2024

The Medical Assistant Diploma Program at Sullivan University covers a range of key skills including clinical responsibilities like taking vital signs and performing lab testing, administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and managing Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and other skills like medical terminology and using medical office software. The program offers various features including quick completion, flexible diploma or associate degree options, accreditation for quality education, hands-on clinical experience, and certification preparation for exams like Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). Graduates can expect high job demand, excellent exam passage rates, and career opportunities in medical assisting, clinical leadership, and office management.

Tuition: How Much Does Sullivan University's Medical Assisting Program Cost?

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Program Length: How Long Is Sullivan University's Medical Assisting Diploma Program?

The program length for the Medical Assistant Diploma program at Sullivan University is 12 months with full-time enrollment.

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