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Updated May 13, 2024

The Medical Assistant program at Ross Education Center equips students with a diverse set of skills essential for success in the health care industry.

Key Skills Taught:

  • Clinical Skills: Basic human anatomy and physiology, disease processes, medical terminology, first aid, and examination assistance
  • Administrative Skills: Medical charting, filing, word processing, computer information, customer service, and office procedures
  • Externship Experience: Six-week externship for real-world application of knowledge

Additional Features Offered:

  • Certification Preparation: Support for taking the Registered Medical Assistant certification exam
  • Flexible Course Structure: Six modules can be completed in any order for a personalized learning experience
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Covers medical office procedures, terminology, anatomy & physiology, medicine administration, and professional growth

Completion of the program prepares students for effective work in diverse health care settings, enhancing patient care and administrative tasks.

Tuition: How Much Does Ross College's Medical Assisting Program Cost?

From Ross College's website

The Medical Assistant Diploma Program at Ross College has a tuition fee of $15,990. In addition to tuition, there is a tech fee of $307. Students should also budget for books, supplies, course materials, and equipment. Living expenses vary depending on whether the student lives with a parent ($4,275) or off-campus ($7,650). Personal expenses also vary, with costs estimated at $5,193 for students living with a parent and $4,093 for those living independently. Transportation expenses are estimated at $1,584. The combined total cost of the program, including tuition and all expenses, is $27,349 for students living with a parent and $30,724 for those living off-campus.

Program Length: How Long Is Ross College's Medical Assisting Diploma Program?

Ross's medical assistant program takes 30 weeks (day students) or 36 weeks (evening students).

From Ross College's website

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About Ross College

Ross College is a health care education institution that offers training programs in various health care disciplines, including Medical Assistant, Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration, Dental Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Veterinary Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Nursing, Practical Nursing, Veterinary Technology, and Business Management. 

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