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Updated May 13, 2024

The Clinical Medical Assistant Certificate program at Mildred Elley equips students with essential skills for the health care industry, focusing on analytical, detail-oriented, interpersonal, and technical skills. Graduates are prepared to record patient history, measure vital signs, assist in examinations, and more. The program features financial aid, lifetime job placement assistance, flexible scheduling, and a career assessment. Courses cover medical terminology, anatomy, patient care, phlebotomy, and more. Graduates can expect entry-level positions with a projected 18% job growth in medical assisting.

Tuition: How Much Does Mildred Elley's Medical Assisting Program Cost?

From Mildred Elley's website

The Certified Medical Assistant program at Mildred-Elley has a tuition cost of $354 per credit hour. Assuming students take 12 to 15 credits per quarter, the estimated tuition cost per quarter ranges from $4,248 to $5,310. This cost does not include additional fees. The Clinical Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) fee is $155. There is also a $10 fee for CPR / First Aid Cards and an $80 fee for uniforms. Please note that these calculations have been made based on the cost per credit hour and the assumption of 12 to 15 credits taken per quarter.

Program Length: How Long Is Mildred Elley's Medical Assisting Certificate Program?

The program length for the Clinical Medical Assistant Traininig program at Mildred Elley is 12 months or 48 weeks to complete.

From Mildred Elley's website

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About Mildred Elley

Mildred Elley is a for-profit school located in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, offering career training courses through certificate and associate degree programs in healthcare, business, and legal studies. 

The Mildred Elley NYC campus is situated in lower Manhattan and provides students with a range of academic and student services, focusing on the healthcare field. With a strong commitment to helping students achieve their educational and professional goals, Mildred Elley offers flexible scheduling, financial aid, and job placement assistance.

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