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Updated May 13, 2024

The Medical Assistant Program at Coffeyville Community College equips students with a blend of clinical and administrative skills essential for a career in health care. Key aspects of the program include:

Clinical Skills:

  • Vital sign assessment
  • Patient data recording
  • Medical history documentation
  • Routine testing
  • Dressing application
  • Assistance in minor surgeries and emergencies

Administrative Skills:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Billing procedures
  • Patient file management
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Correspondence typing
  • Insurance form processing
  • Coding and fee management


  • Eligibility for certification as medical assistants through the American Association of Medical Assistants upon meeting exam and education requirements

Practical Experience:

  • Optional two-year associate degree program with externship opportunities

Additional Skills:

  • Phlebotomy training
  • Office lab procedures
  • Electrocardiogram administration
  • Patient instructions for x-rays and lab tests
  • Various administrative tasks

Tuition: How Much Does Coffeyville Community College's Medical Assisting Program Cost?

From Coffeyville Community College's website

The Medical Assistant program at Coffeyville Community College offers a comprehensive education at an approximate cost of $6,707. This cost is an estimate and may vary depending on the number of credits taken per quarter. It's important to note that this cost does not include additional fees such as materials or lab fees. The cost provides a solid foundation in health care, preparing students for a rewarding career in the medical field.

Program Length: How Long Is Coffeyville Community College's Medical Assisting Certificate Program?

The program length for the Medical Assistant program at Coffeyville Community College is one year for the certificate program. There is also an optional two-year associate degree program available.

From Coffeyville Community College's website

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Coffeyville Community College is a comprehensive two-year institution of post-secondary learning located in Southeast Kansas, one hour north of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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