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Updated May 13, 2024

The program focuses on equipping students with essential skills in clinical procedures, administrative tasks, and patient care. It offers hands-on training, experienced faculty, and career support to enhance students' learning experience and prepare them for professional roles in health care.

Key Skills Taught:

  • Clinical Procedures: Assisting physicians with various clinical procedures
  • Administrative Tasks: Learning medical office procedures and administrative tasks
  • Patient Care: Developing skills to provide quality care to patients

Program Features:

  • Hands-on Training: Practical skill development through experiential learning
  • Experienced Faculty: Instructors with professional experience in the field
  • Career Support: Services to assist students in job search and career development

Tuition: How Much Does Bryant & Stratton College's Medical Assisting Program Cost?

From Bryant & Stratton College's website

The Medical Assistant Associate program at Bryant & Stratton College has the following costs: Full-time day tuition, covering 12-18 credit hours, is priced at $9,825, while full-time night tuition for up to 12 credit hours is $7,860. Students must also budget $550 for books and course materials. For those with dependents, food and housing expenses amount to $875. Additional expenses include $400 for miscellaneous/personal costs, $340 for transportation, and $47.50 in loan fees.

Program Length: How Long Is Bryant & Stratton College's Medical Assisting Associate Program?

The program length for the Medical Assistant Associate Degree is a 62-credit degree that students can finish in less than 2 years..

From Bryant & Stratton College's website

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