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Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy Program

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Updated May 13, 2024

The Medical Assistant Program with Phlebotomy at Arizona College equips students with essential skills in clinical and administrative tasks, including phlebotomy, to excel in the health care sector.

Key Skills Taught:

  • Performing clinical and administrative tasks
  • Updating medical records
  • Preparing medical instruments
  • Communicating with patients
  • Drawing blood (Phlebotomy)

Features Offered:

  • Hands-on training in medical assisting and phlebotomy
  • Access to modern facilities and phlebotomy laboratories
  • Experienced health care faculty
  • Externship experience in real-world health care facilities

For more information about Arizona College's Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program, please visit their website.

Tuition: How Much Does Arizona College's Medical Assisting Program Cost?

From Arizona College's website

The Medical Assisting Associate's program at American National University has a comprehensive cost of $26,208. This cost includes not only the tuition but also the application fee, textbooks, lab equipment, and exam fees. It's a complete package designed to cover all the necessary expenses for the duration of the program. Please note that this cost is subject to change and may vary for out-of-state students.

Program Length: How Long Is Arizona College's Medical Assisting Diploma Program?

The program length for the Medical Assistant with Phlebotomy program at Arizona College is 7 months.

From Arizona College's website

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About Arizona College

Arizona College is a private institution that offers a variety of educational training programs, including pharmacy technician, medical assisting, dental assisting, massage therapy, and phlebotomy technician. 

The college is dedicated to providing focused and structured learning environments that foster faculty, staff, and student engagement. Arizona College is committed to promoting a culturally rich and dynamic learning experience for its students.

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