Covid-19: Crisis Pay Travel Nurse Jobs

Many governors have declared states of emergency. Get the latest licensing changes that may affect your travel nurse plans.

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As Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, has spread through the country, some states have struggled to cope with the pandemic. States such as Washington and New York are calling for more nurses to help existing staff. To help combat the pandemic, hospitals and facilities are offering more travel nurse positions and state licensing boards are loosening licensing requirements.

At the Federal level, Vice President Mike Pence has hinted at allowing nurses and other healthcare workers to work across state lines. However, because nurse licensing is not regulated by the federal government, licensing changes have been enacted at the level.

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State Licensing Tracker:

Alabama: Alabama is in a state of emergency. Reinstatement fees for nurses within two years of retirement are now $250 as opposed to $600. Temporary permits valid less than 180 days are now extended to 180 days.

Alaska: No nurse licensing updates.

Arizona: The state board is offering a 48-hour emergency license.

Arkansas: No nurse licensing updates.

California: During the current crisis, California health systems can notify the office of the EMSA about their need for additional nurses, along with information about applicants and proof of their licenses from other states in good standing. Nurses who are licensed in another state should work with a recruiter to apply for travel nursing jobs and supply the necessary verifications.

Colorado: Nurses who are licensed in other states, but not licensed in Colorado are now able to work in Colorado.

Connecticut: Nurses licensed in other states, but not in Connecticut are now able to work in Connecticut for a period of 60 days.

Delaware: No nurse license updates.

Florida: Nurses with licensure renewal dates between March 21 and April 30, 2020 now have until May 31, 2020 to renew their licenses.

Georgia: The Georgia Board of Nursing is offering an expedited review process for temporary nurses (24 hours) and regular nurses (7 days).

Hawaii: No norse licensing updates.

Idaho: Idaho has declared a state of emergency and is loosening regulation on nurse licensing. The Board of Nursing is offering short-term licenses for non-compact states. They are also offering temporary authorization for nurse apprentices and new graduates.

Illinois: Nurses with inactive or non-renewed licenses for less than five years can restore their licenses for no fee. Out-of-state nurses can work in Illinois as long as they are licensed and in good standing in another state.

Indiana: No nurse licensing updates

Iowa: No nurse licensing updates

Kansas: No nurse licensing updates

Kentucky: No nurse licensing updates

Louisiana: The state nursing board will extend or reinstate expired temporary permits of registered nurse applicants who have not taken their nurse licensing exam. Any adjusted permit will be valid for 120 days and may be extended for additional 90-day increments.

Maine: No nurse licensing updates

Maryland: Expiration of professional licenses suspended until the 30th day after the state of emergency ends.

Massachusetts: Providers in good standing licensed in other states may obtain emergency licenses to practice in person or through telemedicine.

Michigan: No nurse licensing updates

Minnesota: No nurse licensing updates

Mississippi: No nurse licensing updates

Missouri: The licensing board will offer processing for urgent staffing needs. They will also extend temporary permits for another six months.

Montana: No nurse licensing updates

Nebraska: No nurse licensing updates

Nevada: No nurse licensing updates

New Hampshire: Nurses from other states are allowed to practice in New Hampshire.

New Jersey: The state is allowing licenses for nurses with licenses from non-compact states. The licenses will be valid for 30 days. Accelerated Temporary Licensure

New Mexico: No nurse licensing updates

New York: “Temporary Suspension and Modification of Education law and Regulations to allow registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nurse practitioners licensed and in current good standing in any state in the United States to practice in New York State without civil or criminal penalty related to lack of licensure.”

North Carolina: Nurses from out of state are now allowed to practice in North Carolina.

North Dakota: Nurses licensed in other states are allowed to practice in North Dakota.

Ohio: The state is offering expedited licensing and temporary licenses for nurses with valid licenses in other states. Expedited licensing and temporary licenses

Oklahoma: The state is offering the reinstatement of lapsed or inactive nursing license. They are also granting temporary licenses for out-of-state nurses.

Oregon: The state nursing board is allowing out-of-state nurses with valid licenses to practice in Oregon until April 8th.

Pennsylvania: Temporary nursing practice permits and graduate permits will be extended beyond one year and extension fees will be waived.

Rhode Island: No nurse licensing updates.

South Carolina: The expedited licensure only requires information from the hospital or other health provider or organization that is requesting the additional nursing staff from another state. The license is good for 15 days, but may be renewed.

South Dakota: No nurse licensing compact.

Tennessee: No nurse licensing compact.

Texas: Fast track licensing for out-of-state nurses. Therefore, any out-of-state nurse with a license in good standing* is not required to hold a Texas license in order to practice nursing in a disaster relief effort operation setting.

Utah: No nurse licensing updates.

Vermont: The board of nursing is issuing temporary licenses. To qualify for a temporary license, nurses must be licensed and in good standing in another state.  

Virginia: Nurses who are licensed in other states or jurisdictions are eligible for licensure by endorsement in Virginia.

Washington: Washington now allows nurses who are licensed in other states to practice in Washington if they are in good standing. Interested nurses can start by completing Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Application.

West Virginia: No licensing updates

Wisconsin: No nurse licensing updates

Wyoming: Wyoming is now allowing nurses licensed in other staets and jurisdictions to work in Wyoming.